Lindemans Brewery

logoLindemansThe Lindemans brewery originated seven generations ago on a farm, in 1809. To fill the long winter months the Lindemans family decided to start a small brewery at the farm. Since then Lindemans has become widely renowned for its excellent beers, especially the fruit flavoured styles.

bottleKriekbottlePecheresseAvailable now: Lindemans Kriek Lambic (3.5% ABV) and Lindemans Pecheresse (2.5% ABV).
Both are fruit beers. Their characteristic fresh-tangy flavour is balanced by a fruity sweetness. These beers are created from a young Lambic (a spontanously fermented beer) to which fruit and fruit juices are added during fermentation and maturation.


Both Lindemans Kriek and Lindemans Pecheresse are based on the lambic style. Lambic is a very distinctive type of beer brewed traditionally in the Pajottenland region of Belgium, southwest of Brussels. Unlike conventional ales and lagers, which are fermented by carefully cultivated strains of yeast, lambic is produced by spontaneous fermentation: it is exposed to the wild yeasts and bacteria that are be native to the Senne valley, in which Brussels lies. It is this unusual process which gives the beer its distinctive flavour: dry, vinous, and cidery, usually with a tangy or sour aftertaste.

Lambic is mainly drunk after refermentation, which produces derived beers such as fruit beers. Fruit and fresh, pure fruit juices are added to the lambic and then allowed to referment. Ths process creates a well balanced, naturally falvoured beer with a rich and complex flavour but very easy to drink, and that appeals even to those who claim not to like beer!

Lindemans' long experience with brewing the Lambic style and passion for quality has not been without results:

  • In 1985 the late Michael Jackson (the "Beer Hunter") proclaimed Lindemans Kriek to be one of the best five beers in the world.
  • At the W.B.C. Festival 1994-1995 Lindemans Kriek was awarded the platinum medal, while Lindemans Pecheresse took the gold medal.
  • At the Cal. B. Festival in 1995 both beers were awarded the gold medal.
  • At the W.B.C. in 1996 and 1997 lindemans' Brewery was proclaimed one of the ten best breweries in the world, and in 2000 it was awarded the gold medal once again.
  • Lindemans Kriek was proclaimed "World Champion of Beers" at the W.B.C. in 2002.