Huyghe Brewery

logoHuygeThe Huyghe brewery has been in operation since 1654. Since its founding it has been expanded and modernized many times, but the original tradition of brewing excellent beers has been preserved.


Available now: Delirium Tremens (8.5% ABV) and Floris (3.6% ABV). Delirium Tremens is the most well known beer produced by the Huyghe brewery. The robust triple with its golden colour and painted bottle is easily recognizable from the trademark pink elephant on the label. Floris is a "framboise"; a wheat beer flavoured with strawberries, in which the sweet smoothness of the wheat is offset by the fresh fruity flavours.

Delirium Nocturnum:

Colour and sight: Dark brown-red. A compact white-yellow, stable and lacing head.
Scent: Touches of caramel, mocha and chocolate. Spices such as liquorice and coriander are also present.
Flavour: Initially, a very good mouthfeel of alcohol and softness. This is followed by an increasing bitterness, partially from the hop, but also from the roasted malt and chocolate malt. Towards the end a nice balance between bitterness, sour and sweet.


La Guillotine:

Colour and sight: Golden blond, multigrain beer with a very persistent, lacing head.
Scent: A complex smell, with a citrus aroma, followed by hop aromas such as Saaz, Brewers Gold and Amarillo.
Flavour: Initially rather sweet, because of the alcohol. The intense taste and roundness mask the presence of high bitterness.

 bottleFlorisbottleDelriumTremens delirium nocLa guillotine 1

logoHuygeTo say that the Huyghe brewery in Melle (Belgium) has a lot of experience in the brewing of excellent beer would be an understatement. The brewery can reliably trace its history in beer production back to the early 1650's, when the brewery was already in operation at Melle's "Apple Corner".

Huyge's flagship beer is the world-famous Delirum Tremens. This strong golden ale has a brilliant colour reminiscent of warm sunlight, and owes its unique flavour to the use of carefully selected grains and no fewer then three fermentation cycles. The warmth provided by an alcohol percentage of 8.5% by volume make this a beer both to be cherished and to be reckoned with. The beer's brightly coloured packaging and the trademark pink elephant logo serve both as an invitation and a warning: a Delirium Tremens will taste like more, much more... but enjoy responsibly!

The Huyghe brewery also boasts a range of excellent fruit beers. One of these is Floris Framboise, a beer with a pink to deep ruby to even purple colour (depending on the light) and a powerfully aromatic, sweet and fruity nose. It is excellently suited as a dessert beer. Floris Framboise is based on a wheat beer, which has been fermented with fresh fruit and/or fruit juices. This creates a perfect balance between the smooth, refreshing character of the beer and the tangy and sweet notes of the fruit.

Both beers have won numerous awards, among which:

  • BIRA 2011: best of category Fruited Wheat Beers
  • BIRA 2011: gold medal in the category Ales
  • London Internatinal Beer Challenge 2012 - silver medal
  • WBA 2009: Highly Commended in the category Specialty Pale Ale
  • Winner of the Hong Kong International Beer Awards 2009
  • International Beer Competition Japan 2011: silver medal
  • Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival 2008: gold medal


After Pierre Celis sold the Hoegaarden Brewery, he then founded a microbrewery in Austin, Texas, in 1992, at the age of 67. There he continued to brew witbier. Celis White received a perfect four-star rating from the late British beer writer Michael Jackson in his Pocket Guide to Beer.

Celis White has won numerous awards:

  • 1992 GABF: Gold medal
  • 1993 GABF: Gold medal
  • 1994 GABF: Silver medal
  • 1995 GABF: Gold medal
  • 1996 World Beer Cup: bronze medal
  • 1998 GABF: Gold medal
  • 2003 GABF: Gold medal
  • 2003 World Expo of Beer: 1st place
  • 2004 GABF: Bronze medal
  • 2004 World Expo of Beer: 1st place
  • 2006 World Expo of Beer: 1st Place
  • 2010 World Expo of Beer: 1st Place