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Welcome to the taste of Belgian beer!

All over the world Belgian beers are much appreciated for their outstanding quality, their taste, and their many different styles.

two coloursBelgian beers can be top fermented, bottom fermented, spontaneously fermented. They can be flavored with fruits like cherry, raspberry or peach, or with spices like coriander, aniseed or liquorice wood. They can be blond, black, red, gold, amber or dark, and can go from 2.5% alcohol by volume to up to 11%. They can be produced in an abby by Trappist monks, in a craft brewery by enthusiastic beer afficinado's, or in a large brewery. Some are regional, some are seasonal, some are bottled in 250 ml bottles while others come in 3 liter magnums... The possibilities are endless. They have all one thing in common, though: they are brewed with passion and "savoir faire" in a traditional manner that goes back to the middle ages.

The Belgian Trading Company (BTC) now imports some of these unique beers into South Africa. For the first time a range of top-rated Belgian beers is now locally available from one supplier. In the near future BTC will extend this range of beers with a bigger variety, more unique styles and differently tasting beers.